AWS Server Management | AWS Advantages and Disadvantages
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AWS Advantages and Disadvantages


AWS Advantages and Disadvantages

With the growth in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services have taken over the market with more than 165 web services. It currently has 30% of the market share and is the best cloud computing service providers in the world. The businesses are getting over 40 unique services including artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and at the best rates. Companies such as Oracle and Google also provide database services to businesses, but AWS manages to be their best resort for all their management solutions.

AWS platform offers solutions for various domains, such as security & identity, database, storage, messaging, networking, migration, and other management tools. The platform is used by 80% of the fortune 500 companies today and offers infrastructure as service, platform as service, software as service and the most famous cloud storage platform. Let us look at why it is beneficial for big and small businesses and why it is not the best option for database management solutions.


Advantages of AWS

It is a well-designed platform for even businesses that are being operated from homes. It has a simple user interface which is easy to learn and operate even by beginners. From signing up process to the billing options, everything is well sorted out for users of all kinds, regions, and fields in the market.

Amazon is one of the biggest industries in the world today and also a trusted vendor of services. All of Amazon’s services are made by them, which assures the stability of the services and also good customer support.

AWS is available globally and covers major regions like the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It has multiple availability zones in each region which offers massive data storage centres.

It has more than 40 unique services, including Artificial Intelligence and has over 165 different applications for all kinds of solutions. The users can expect new services as Amazon continues to build new services every day.

AWS offers cloud computing platforms with no limitations on capacity. User can get unlimited space on the cloud with fast and efficient functioning.


Although the cloud space can be unlimited, there is a limit on the resources available on Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC console. It can be increased with additional payments which might be affordable for small and home businesses.

The security features have limitations too. EC2 classic can support security for 500 per instance, and each group supports a max of 100 permissions. The EC2 VPC supports max 100 groups per VPC, which can be disadvantageous for large industries with more workers using the service.

There are different technical support fees which range according to the different packages which include developers, businesses, and enterprises. It can cost a little extra for small industries to pay for the technical support each time they purchase a new service package. That’s why it’s important that you get AWS support from an experienced team.

Cloud computing can have drawbacks of loss of data, internet dependency, security, etc. If the storage shuts down completely, loss of important data can affect the businesses in case of no backups.

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