AWS Server Management | How AWS Can Rebuild Cloud Computing
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How AWS Can Rebuild Cloud Computing

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How AWS Can Rebuild Cloud Computing

AWS to Power New Era of Internet Commerce

A recent report by Algo Impact Research Corporation says that Amazon Web Services will power the new era of Internet commerce and interaction. The report includes more than fifty pages of recommendations from other internet marketing experts.

Other highlights include: “Cisco has accelerated the global e-commerce stage by realizing a highly personalized solution for Amazon that supports their solutions as they expand worldwide. For example, Amazon’s CRM has multiple requirements for both customer and service operations, and this allows it to run seamlessly with Cisco’s offerings.” This opens up the door for Amazon to use Cisco as a custom solution.

Merging e-Commerce and Social Media

Amazon is also exploring leveraging social media in its “in-demand” process. This means e-commerce customers will be able to place orders through social media as well as their websites.

“Our customers are already using social media to store and manage their data and are looking to us to provide solutions that allow them to offer their customers value on demand.” said Tom Maloney, senior vice president of business development, Amazon Web Services. He added, “Cisco is excited about this potential for customer value by making Amazon’s service solutions as part of their future portfolio.”

Cloud Architecture is a critical function for any large enterprise, especially one like Amazon that is doing a lot of advanced services for their clients. According to the report: “Amazon has broadened its scope of choice to quickly define their demands with less effort and reduce complexity in Cloud Architecture for their clients.”

This has been a key area for AWS and it is useful for Amazon to have this technology developed by Cisco. A further area of focus is on integration with Amazon’s internal application infrastructure. Customers can rely on the AWS infrastructure to deliver applications as a service to their business.

Many people are familiar with what Application Infrastructure is, but they might not be aware of the importance of its ability to scale to meet the changing needs of the organization. Cisco explains this in great detail in the Cloud Platform Engineering Guidebook.

It describes how the work that is done to service applications and these companies can scale up and down on demand and if this is supported by the application infrastructure, it means that they can make changes quickly, safely and efficiently. “Solutions can be developed based on your needs and by understanding and using the underlying technologies, and the customers of Cisco’s Application Infrastructure are able to get fast results.” said Tom Maloney.

Cisco also emphasizes the need for the communication between teams to be efficient and effective. They call it the Cloud Model, where it is very important for service providers to develop tools that will support effective communication and collaboration between people and the tools that will help them monitor progress.

“The Cloud Model is more than just an architectural model. It helps to make services easier to deploy, easier to integrate and improve the communication between teams, and is designed to help solve problems in a cost-effective way.”

They offer a series of best practices for new frontiers and deployment models. They recommend the use of technical libraries, the value of abstraction and the importance of automation.

Now that Amazon has purchased the commercial operation of Cisco, it is clear that the two giants are moving towards one another. In addition to the purchase of these two companies, it is clear that they are talking about creating a new business for each other and it is evident that Amazon Web Services is at the top of their list.

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