AWS Server Management | Things you did not know about AWS
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Things you did not know about AWS

Things you did not know about AWS

AWS is spreading over the entire business today with more than 165 and over 40 exclusive services. It is the next step in cloud computing which today has over 30% share in the market. While AWS continues to grow its presence in the corporates for data storage, networking and other needs, there are still many things which you may not know about it. Here are the five facts you probably would have never heard about AWS.

AWS was initially

When it was introduced to the world as AWS in 2006, and it was a project of Amazon in testing phases. The product was launched for serving e-commerce businesses. The website was originally named as Any business who wanted to sell their products online would go to and create their unique website. It was only later when Amazon decided to take another step to provide better management for backend infrastructures of the businesses. The first product was AWS S3 for cloud storage which was launched for the first time in March 2006, and since then the services kept growing.



AWS is the real money maker for Amazon

Turns out that Amazon is not making much through its e-commerce website. Most of its capital is actually being generated by AWS which they use to improvise and expand Amazon wants to focus on building new services on their own, rather waiting for a startup to do it and then buy it from them. Which has successfully made AWS the best service provider on the internet? Few of the recent products have been ThinkBox,,, and Elemental.

Aurora is the fastest-growing AWS product

Aurora has been reported to be the best product in AWS so far. It is the fastest-growing product by far as mentioned by Jeff Barr, the VP & Chief Evangelist Amazon Web Services. Oracle is the leading database provider in the market, has witnessed significant migration of clients from Oracle to AWS databases. AWS stand on the top position in providing cloud computing services today.


AWS is stepping in every productivity app

The primary job of AWS is to provide infrastructure as a service, but it is also curious to step into other fields for providing different productivity software solutions to compete with giants like Mircosoft and Google. AWS is not interested in buying any applications from start-up at all. They have their own team creating unique products to introduce to the world. Apps like AWS WorkMail, AWS WorkDocs, and AWS Chime are few of the examples.

 AWS frees your hard drive

PCs and Laptop are crucial in a large organization for managing the data as well as storing it. AWS Workspace lets users remotely access the same desktop environment on mobile devices as well. The app is compatible with multiple platforms, along with PCs. It can help the organisations which want to provide access to the program to their employees without having to buy more desktop devices for storage. Its cloud storage can help you access all its functions and your data directly from the internet.

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