AWS Server Management | Using Amazon Web Services for Your Business
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Using Amazon Web Services for Your Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Transformation Day 2018 At Hynes Convention Center AWS Sign.

Using Amazon Web Services for Your Business

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) servers are the most recent development in cloud computing. For decades the IT company had to handle the management of its own servers and the costs associated with maintenance. IT was also forced to rely on the IT department in order to gain access to the networking hardware and software needed to make changes. In today’s market businesses have simplified their IT companies are relying more on virtualization and cloud based systems.

AWS servers

Businesses can now run their servers through AWS, which is managed by the US web hosts. There are three different types of services offered by AWS, which vary depending on the type of service you need.

  • The first and most common type is managed service. This means that the IT company manages your server, but offers it as a hosted service.
  • Another type is the AWS managed service and this can be purchased from the web hosts. This type of service does not provide the freedom to make changes as is the case with the other services. You are locked into the service provided by the hosting company.
  • The third option is self hosted, which is hosted by the IT company.

IT companies that provide managed services will sometimes charge a fee for managing your VPC servers. This fee is usually passed on to you when you sign up for the managed service, but it can be substantial. Even if the IT company provides the services for free, they are still charging you for the VPC hosting.

Managed services are intended to give you the flexibility of managing your resources. This means that if you use an application that requires a lot of memory, you are able to choose the right size. You don’t have to host a large server in your data center. This means you can store your data locally, which in turn cuts costs in the long run.

Some web hosts will offer both managed and self-hosted service. The web hosts will manage your VPC server, but at the same time the company will host the servers. As you can imagine this can be expensive. For some IT companies the benefit is the control of the network to ensure that the server doesn’t get damaged. These companies only need to pay the cost of hosting the servers while the cost for the VPC server remains the same.

The US web hosts have been known to offer virtual private servers for one to five hundred dollars per month. The package is very competitive and well worth considering. The option you have to manage your data is a huge advantage. If you host a lot of data on the server, you can also move it around using data center connections.

Once you are using the US web hosts for managing your virtual servers, you will be able to take advantage of many other features that the web hosts offer. One such feature is the SSL, which encrypts your information on the server before sending it over the internet. You will be able to access information stored on the server by providing the private key. This is known as the security certificate.

SSL Encryption

The SSL encryption prevents the spyware and the virus from getting into your computer. If you want to host a remote site then you will have to use the SSH protocol which allows you to remotely log on to your server. One additional feature that can be found on some AWS servers is the high availability service.

This means that the servers which are hosted by the US web hosts are kept in a dedicated and secure location. Your data is separated from your operating system and therefore, it is not affected if your server is down. This means that if you have a virus outbreak on your web server, your information is safe and your data isn’t lost. When it comes to the Internet, security is key. Anytime your system is exposed to the Internet, you are susceptible to hackers who can invade your privacy.

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